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15.03.2019, Words by Felicity Martin

The 10 Best Road Rap Tracks, according to Little Torment

“I wake up and play this every day, like a prayer"

South London lyricist Little Torment has steadily been working to make an indelible stamp on the scene. A household name within road rap (with his 2013 debut project ‘Behind Closed Doors’ now hailed as a classic within the genre), he’s more recently been bursting out of those underground constraints, enjoying a successful 2018 that’s seen him rack up impressive streaming numbers.

This month, he’ll drop the third in his ‘Behind Closed Doors’ series, a keenly-awaited project. As someone with his ear firmly to the ground, we invited the road rapper to list the finest rap cuts to emerge from the streets.

1. Potter Payper – ‘Purple Rain’

“Living this street life is mad and Potter painted the picture perfect on a beat that makes you just want to hug your kid! Lol.”

2. Rimzee ft. Pak-man – ‘Everyday’

“I wake up and play this every day, like a prayer a religious person might say every morning. ‘All I think about is hustling’ in the book keeps u driven to succeed!”

3. Corleone – ‘Poor Little Rich Kid ft. Snap Capone’

“Snap and Co painted the picture well in this one, ‘Poor Little Rich Kid’ is a very very good way to brand someone in the streets doing well for themselves. The oxymoron is hard-hitting.”

4. Corleone x Young Adz – ‘Medellin’

“Banging rap song with a sick melody from Young Adz… street tales plus a melody, you can’t really go wrong.”

5. Vile Greeze – ‘F These N*****’

“This song’s energy was out of this world – basically stating ‘forget anyone that isn’t with you or supporting you or attempting to better themselves’.”

6. CS – Behind Barz freestyle

“Street tales recorded live off the top of the head.. can’t go wrong. CS got a way of making us see his life through his music.”

7. K Trap – ‘A to B’

“Lol, I listen to this song a lot. It means a lot. I appreciate K Trap for this one.”

8. Asco – Straight Drops 1-3

“I gotta just say 1-3 because they come as one, probably one of the best series to come from a UK rapper besides Rapman’s ‘Shiro’s Story‘.”

9. Fredo – ‘They Ain’t 100’

“Undeniably a hit for the streets… simple flow, hard-hitting beat, eye candy… can’t go wrong.”

10. Skrapz ft. Monique Laws – ‘Facts’

“Skrapz NEVER says some dumb shit. I feel like he’s a good role model for someone coming from a similar background as himself. I respect how he unapologetically says things the majority may not agree with.”

Listen to Little Torment’s ‘Skatin’:

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