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09.05.2024, Words by DMY Staff

10 Best Tracks from Rising UK Rappers According to Allday

"Since moving to London I'm listening to even more UK Rap. Here are some new artists I like at the moment."

Since upping sticks and moving to London, Australian rap sensation Allday has had his ears plugged firmly in to the UK scene.

Living in South London, when he's not "enjoying the local culture (Wetherspoon's and the chip shop)," Allday is on the lookout for the freshest UK rappers. 

"I have always been fond of English rap, I grew up on Jehst, Klashnekoff, Kano, Skinnyman etc. But since living here I'm listening to even more," he tells DMY.

Last week, Allday dropped the new single, 'Drip Drop', a taste of his forthcoming album, ‘The Necklace’ due for release on 2nd August 2nd via Dew Process (Mallrat, Sam Fender, London Grammar, Lola Young) . 

Pushing the boundaries of his existing sound, 'Drip Drop' is an introspective single that blends elements of rap and pop. Throughout, Allday unveils personal anecdotes that detail his come-up and the grind it's taken to get him where he is today. It's all tied together with haunting piano keys against a percussive beat and an infectious chorus that begs for a singalong.

To celebrate his new tune, Allday has picked 10 Best tracks from rising UK rappers. Tap in!

1. Caldo - ACT!VE

"I met Caldo through ANFilms who have shot a few freestyle videos for me. Caldo is Italian/British and switches between the languages sometimes in his raps. He’s also really putting in work at the moment. I think Caldo is about to blow up!"

2. John Glacier - Icing

"Jon is a dope lyricist and i love the creative decisions she makes with vocal effects and production. I listened to her music thinking it would be some self serious poetry stuff, but there are lots of light/funny moments."

3. TrustNVr - for the occasion!

"This guy came on shuffle the other day when I was riding the bus, great bus music. I think he has 79 monthly listeners at the moment so if you start listening now you can really get in at ground level."

4. 5EB - Roll The Dice

"What is 5EB? Is that a postcode? Or maybe his name is Seb. Anyway, I like the way he switches from rapping to singing, cool flows, I think this guy will be big."

5. Cristale - Antisocial

"I first heard Cristale’s music on Topboy so it might seem like she’s already blown up, but I think she’s still rising. I like her voice and her energy"

6. Damzz - Can’t Go Wrong

"I don’t know much about Damzz but I rinse this song. I find myself enjoying lots of music with drill hi-hats or rhythms but with more mellow energy."

7. Moko - luvu222

"This song is also on heavy rotation in the Allday household. Funny wordplay and the sample is pretty. Moko's voice kind of reminds me of Kano on his more pop stuff."

8. Bawo - Starts With A Text

"Love the bass in this track, his songs are mellow and smooth. I seem to never skip a Bawo song."

9. KillOWEN - Sober

"To be fair this song is a couple of years old, but it’s really dope. It’s kind of hard to make music this fun without being corny, I rate this guy."

10. Mr Slipz, Nelson Dialect and Verbz - Sight Beyond Sight

"Have to slip in my housemate Nelson Dialect and his group. They are signed to High Focus which is a legendary underground label. These three are all really talented at what they do, I guess I’d call it boom bap or “classic” rap."

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10 Best