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20.02.2019, Words by Felicity Martin

The 10 Best Tracks For Travelling, according to Tourist

Having just dropped his 'Everyday' album, the Grammy winner talks us through the best tracks to travel to

Anyone who’s taken a long trip before will know that a great soundtrack can elevate a travel experience – whether it’s the background to people-watching or something to gaze out of a rain-spattered coach window to. Grammy-winning producer and composer Tourist – real name William Phillips – has captured the spirit of adventure on his latest, and second, LP – ‘Everyday’. It’s packed with the kind of dreamy cuts, replete with sweeping soundscapes and sonic detailing, making it the perfect album to accompany your travels. Below, Tourist names some choice cuts that he’s tried and tested hauling his suitcase around to.

1. Nina Simone – ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’

“She reveals that hiding behind the lyrics are just the most beautiful chord changes, it sound like [French composer Éric] Satie or something. Is there a more important sentiment in life?”

2. Brian Eno – ‘Another Green World’

“I love it when music fades in, we’re given a fleeting chance to enjoy. For such a transitory piece, there’s something that feels so boundless about it. When travelling, the familiar things become so important and I aways find this a sonic place I want to be immersed in, again and again.”

3. Sibylle Baier – ‘Forget About’

“I truly feel like I’m inside her mind while listening to this. A balm for people who miss those far away.”

4. Arthur Russell – ‘Love Is Overtaking Me’

“Listen on a train, and look out of the window. I love how it cuts at 2:00, like a half abandoned thought, messy and moving.”

5. Bruce Springsteen – ‘Atlantic City’

““Nebraska” Bruce is my favourite Bruce – and this is one of my favourite songs. Reminds me to live, wherever I am.”

6. John Maus – ‘Hey Moon’

“Sleepless nights are well accompanied by this, well – I guess most moments are well accompanied by this.”

7. Cocteau Twins – ‘Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops’

“Dream-pop/jetlag-wave. Ethereal and enjoyable on a run through a new city on a cold morning.”

8. Grouper – ‘Clearing’

“Her voice is a cool breeze. I love the duality of Grouper, equally beautiful and mournful. Similar to travelling, revelling in being curious and disorientated at the same time.”

9. John Martyn – ‘Over The Hill’

“A hymn for returning home to. Also, who doesn’t love a rousing mandolin…”

10. Jonny Greenwood – ‘Alma’

“I mean, it’s Jonny. He doesn’t need a paragraph.”

Listen to Tourist’s ‘Everyday’:

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