10 Best
20.05.2010, Words by Charlie Jones

16 great LCD Soundsytem lyrics.

  1. All the boring collect – I mean all disrespect – in the neighborhood bars I’d once dreamt I would drink. (New York I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down)
  2. Alone and prone in the half light and late. Late to real life. (Get Innocuous!)
  3. Bear in mind, we all fall behind from time to time. (Disco Infiltrator)
  4. Don’t tell nobody what you really want because they can tell everybody else what you really want. Then you’re fucked. (On Repeat)
  5. Everybody keeps on listening in and nobody’s listening up. (Yeah)
  6. I’m losing my edge to better-looking people with better ideas and more talent. And they’re actually really, really nice. (Losing My Edge)
  7. I wouldn’t trade one stupid decision for another five years of life. (All My Friends)
  8. Love is an astronaut – it comes back, but it’s never the same. (Drunk Girls)
  9. Something dying will be a great release. (Great Release)
  10. Real life’s a compromise. (On Repeat)
  11. Talking like a jerk; except you are an actual jerk – and living proof that sometimes friends are mean. (Dance Yrself Clean)
  12. I’m sad, it’s not raining, the coffee’s not even bitter. (Someone Great)
  13. “We have a black president and you do not, so shut up.” (Pow Pow)
  14. We are North Americans … far from North America, where the buildings are old and you might have lots of mimes. (North American Scum)
  15. You want to feel like a teenager until you remember the feelings of a real life emotional teenager. Then you think again. (Sound Of Silver)
  16. You wanted a hit? Well this is how we do hits … There’s lights and sounds and stories. Music’s just a part. (You Wanted A Hit)

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