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22.06.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

8 Weird Ways Of Cutting Vinyl

Underground Resistance are reissuing for the first time since vinyl cutting master Ron Murphy’s death, who pioneered the art of weird vinyl in dance music.

  1. Multiple bands: Records cut with separate rings, where the bands on the vinyl appear as separate tracks, e.g. Moby Grape Wow/Grape Jam
  2. Locked grooves: Where the record ends with a closed loop with a sound recorded into it, e.g. Underground Resistance Discovers The Rings Of Saturn
  3. Lead-in grooves Where the usually silent lead-in groove has sound recorded into it, e.g. The Dead Kennedys Plastic Surgery Disasters
  4. Parallel/Concentric grooves: Where, depending on where the needle is dropped, a different track will play, e.g. DJ Bone Riding The Thin Line
  5. Reverse: Where recordings play from the centre of the disc outwards, e.g. Inner City Ahnonghay
  6. Stereophonic format: Each side of the record consisted of two tracks of the song, one containing the left channel, one the right. A special adapter would need to be bought to play this.
  7. Quadrophonic format: Recording with four channels of audio instead of two.
  8. Vibration-resistant discs: Designed for use in cars, with a slower play speed and high pressure stylus.
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