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13.05.2013, Words by dummymag

The best vocal 2-step garage tracks, according to DJ Q

Huddersfield-born DJ Q is a staple on the garage and bassline scenes, having hosted the UKG M1X show on BBC 1xtra from August 2006 to August 2012. He’s also extremely prolific as a producer and remixer, releasing on labels like Unknown To The Unknown and Local Action, as well as remixing everyone from Rusko to Blood Diamonds. He even had a bit of chart success with his single You Wot! (with MC Bonez) entering the UK charts back in 2008, coming at a time where tracks like T2’s Heartbroken had a shot at crossover success. 

  1. Poolio & Jack D – Little More Time
    DJ Q: “This track helped kick start my love for UK garage – it was on the very first Sun City tape I had. Back then the tape packs were my only taste of how garage was in the clubs, because I was young at the time.”
  2. Tina Moore – Nobody Better
    DJ Q: “So simple yet so great. I was fascinated at how the vocals were chopped in this and I’m a big fan of the organ sound too. This track has 100% influenced the stuff I make nowadays.”
  3. David Howard ft Jhay Palmer – U & I (Full Vocal Mix)
    DJ Q: “Funnily enough I never used to like this track when I first heard it but years later I listened to it and realised exactly how good it was. Well written and well produced, and the vibe I get when I listen to it now is something else.”
  4. Nesha – What’s It Gonna Be (Sticky 2-step Mix)
    DJ Q: “I can’t even start to describe how much I love this song. Again, the vocal chops were on point along with the bassline and groove. I’ve actually been listening to this song a lot recently. It sends me back to 1999, when I first heard it back in school.”

  5. Industry Standard – Got Somebody Else
    DJ Q: “Another one with great organs and vocal chops, always a winner with me. This song still sounds current now, especially next to something like Disclosure’s new one.”
  6. B15 Project ft Crissy D & Lady G – Girls Like Us
    DJ Q: “This song is a vibe!! I still play it now and people still love it! It took me years to work out the main part of the vocals were actually just vocal chops.”
  7. Shola Ama – Much Love (Dreem Teem Remix)
    DJ Q: “I’ll never forget this track. Complex simplicity! This is also one of the ones that reminds me of the Sun City tape packs. Even though I was buying vinyl at the time I never owned a copy of this on vinyl until recently – I was fortunate to pick up a brand new copy of the promo a few years back.”
  8. Amira – My Desire (Dreem Teem Remix)
    DJ Q: “This right here is 2-step garage gold! Like a lot of remixes back then, I never actually heard the original before, but that didn’t matter – the song grabbed me straight away, from the catching vibraphone melody at the start to the bassline and hook.”
  9. S.I.A – Little Man (Exemen Works Mix)
    DJ Q: “I can’t talk about 2-step garage and not include this track. The track will forever go down in history. I can play it at absolutely any event and it will get a great reaction. Wookie came with a carnival vibe for this one and smashed it totally.”
  10. Kristine Blonde – You Make Me Go Oooh (DND Main Mix)
    DJ Q: “This might be a bit more “commercial” from the others I chose but none the less it’s a massive track. DND (Artwork), a legend from the UK music scene delivered with this remix. This track has vibe and energy from the very beginning.”
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