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24.09.2012, Words by dummymag

The 10 best tracks about the weather, according to Dam Mantle

Dam Mantle:

After love, probably one of the most common subjects for song..if I’m ever asked what inspires or affects what I’m doing it is normally the seasons or the weather that comes to mind first. Here are some tracks which get me through.

  1. The Rotating Assembly (feat. Billy Lo) – Seasons Of My Life
    This is where my head’s at at the moment, been picking up a few of these the past few months..like all of these pieces, they speak for themselves, nothing I write about them is going to add anything to their worth…
  2. Thundercat – Seasons
    Wish this one went on for another five minutes, mid-summer cold on drowsy flu medicine.
  3. Jeremiah Jae – $easons
    Another Brainfeeder cat of course, love how straightforward the production is and just great melody and words.
  4. Ella Fitzgerald – Summertime
    Seems an obvious choice. One of those tracks you feel like you’ve always known, that’s in your DNA, in your blood like Vitamin D.
  5. Theo Parrish – Summertime Is Here
    Always return to this. I love how it rolls on and you get lost in its endlessness.
  6. Hiroshi Fukumura Quintet – Soldier In The Rain
    Brushes on the snare like footsteps in the rain.
  7. Peaking Lights – All The Sun That Shines
    The kind of record I’d want to play to my kid. Full of love, the Peaking Lights stuff.
  8. John Cameron – Liquid Sunshine
    Rhodes and the vocal melody of Mother Earth.
  9. Africa Hi-Tech – Cyclic Sun
    The kind of record I put on and felt I knew or can imagine channeling my self. Love how the groove rolls on and on and the processed flute sound that comes in and the run down the minor scale like the colonisers’ ancestors redemption.
  10. Rotary Connection – Memory Band
    Bit of a loose fit to this list but one of my favourite tracks of all time…a slightly dizzy Indian Summer feeling, maybe…

Dam Mantle will release his debut album ‘Brothers Fowl’ on the 8th October 2012 through GetMe!

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