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17.04.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

The 11 best warehouse tunes, according to Martyn

Martyn is a great Dutch DJ and producer. His work spans rave, dubstep and drum & bass with a chilly affection and humour familiar to anyone who has partied in a warehouse in the last few years. He’s taking over a secret London one on 27 April 2012 with the Hyperdub and Deviation lot, and shared his favourite “warehouse” songs, which you can read below, and stream the whole set underneath.

  1. Autechre Basscadet
    Super influential track and video for me – lured me into the more experimental electronic music via MTV! I imagined this in the warehouses when I was too young to be in one myself.
  2. Oneohtrix Point Never Actual Air
    Not a warehouse rave track at all but I would love to hear this hug a crowd in its iciness in a big space.
  3. Baby Namboos Dillinja remix
    Mixing the melancholic with the fierce – Its what appealed to me in drum ‘n bass, this track encompasses it all
  4. Deep Blue Helicopter Tune
    Another amazing drum & bass track – a true classic which should have crowds bobbing around everywhere
  5. Gerideau Masquerade (MJ Cole remix)
    Absolutely loved this track when it came out – I was at a Twice as Nice party once at Complex – this was played, it was amazing.
  6. Efdemin Acid Bells (Martyns Bittersweet remix)
    Im not keen on putting my own music in Top Anythings but I included this because it’d be a special moment if I would hear this on a large warehouse system.
  7. Paperclip People The Climax
    For me the ultimate warehouse track. Not aggro, not sweet, just tough, rugged and vibes.
  8. Hieroglyphic Being Fingerprints of the Gods
    Great track from an amazing and criminally underrated producer!
  9. Jan Driver Rat Alert
    This has been played by many DJs – still does it for me when I hear it.
  10. World 2 World Amazon
    I ended my set with this quite a few times – a true emotional raver, one of electronic dance music’s all time highlights
  11. Orbital Halcyon On and On
    More of a deserted corn field & crop circle raver than a dark warehouse one, but a nice ending to a happy Youtube session!

Matryn will play a TBA London warehouse on the 27 April 2012. Also appearing are Omar S, Kode9, Cooly G, Morgan Zarate and many more. Check the Facebook page for more details, and go to Resident Advisor to book tickets

Thanks to Stevie Tee of MusicMarauders.com for the photo

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