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02.11.2015, Words by Natalie /

Premiere: Rushmore - PP2

Trax Couture round off the year with their final release of 2015, bossman Rushmore's contribution to the label's exciting EP series, World Series. Now creeping up the double figures, Rushmore slaps his offering on the table for Vol. 12 – blending together rap beats with grime, footwork with a fresh injection of g-funk flavours brought forward to 2k15.

A pulsating production taken from the EP, PP2, is a droning beat that snakes over a ballast footwork-tinged foundation like a sugar-filled gummy worm. Sour pink and blue flavour, if you're offering.

Listen to the track below and as an ode to the infamous genre, Rushmore also selects a quick five of his favourite tracks from the g-funk era.

Rushmore's quick five: g-funk 
DJ Quik Skanless [1991]

Rushmore: "Last track off his debut album. No feature of the hi pitch sine wave, but plenty of p-funk bass licks and soulful keys, with excellent drum programming and structure on this track that skitters throughout, topped with some glistening hi strings."

N.W.A Always Into Something [1991]

Rushmore: "One of the earliest N.W.A tracks to feature that g-funk worm sound produced by Dr Dre. The third track on their second and final album, featuring some real funk plucked guitar licks and that smooth silky Moog sounding bass."

Nate Dogg One More Day [1994]

Rushmore: "One of the most recognisable and iconic voices of g-funk and hip hop in general is Nate Dogg. Featured on a soundtrack to Murder Was the Case, a film featuring Snoop that was centred around a track of the same name taken from his debut album 'Doggystyle'. Hunting down this film on VHS as a kid was the same as today's struggle to find a stream link for a new movie in the correct language, or one thats not shot on someone's iPhone in the cinema. Worth the wait though."

Above The Law Black Superman [1994]

Rushmore: "This is from one of several potential originators of the sound. It covers all of the elements that take inspiration form the p-funk sounds created by the likes of Parliament and Funkadelic. It's got the the keys, the bass, the vocoder, the worm and the loose crunchy, kinda muddy drums that almost sound like they've layered the same pattern running in reverse over the top."

Warren G So Many Ways [1994]

Rushmore: "Following in the footsteps of 'The Chronic' and 'Doggystyle', 'G Funk Era' was the debut album from Warren G and further cemented g funk styles place in hip hop history, and continued chart success for West Coast rap and executive producer Dr. Dre. Warren G had a more soulful vibe to his flow and the production always mirrored that."

Rushmore's World Series Vol 12 is available on Trax Couture (buy).

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