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Sherwood and Pinch 2015
05.02.2015, Words by dummymag

The 10 best Sherwood & Pinch tracks, according to Sherwood & Pinch

Pinch and Adrian Sherwood have collaborated a couple of times in the past – on 2013's Bring Me Weed and Music Killer – but next week will see the release of their first full-length album together, 'Late Night Endless'.

Pinch – real name Rob Ellis – had long admired the work of Sherwood, a dub legend with On-U Sound who has worked behind the boards with dub musicians (like Congo Natty, Lee 'Scratch' Perry, and Prince Far I), through post-punk, industrial, and noise groups (like The Slits, Vivien Goldman, and The Pop Group), and right up to the modern day's underground acts (like Machinedrum and Peaking Lights). After Ellis invited Sherwood to play at London club Fabric for a takeover by his label, Tectonic Recordings, it seemed a no-brainer for the two to work together.

"I remember thinking quite clearly how impressed I was with him," Sherwood says of the dubstep innovator, "I thought as he invited me here, I should invite him down to my studio…"

The culmination of two years of studio time spent producing, re-dubbing, and deconstructing tracks together, 'Late Night Endless' incorporates elements from some of Sherwood's older productions and fuses them with the deep basslines that Pinch has been exploring in his dubstep productions since the mid-'00s.

Collaborations like this can't happen unless both parties have an equal admiration for one another's work, so it made sense to ask Sherwood and Pinch to pick their favourite tracks by, well, Sherwood and Pinch. For the beginners out there, it's an essential entry point into the two artist's sizeable bodies of work.

01. Dub Syndicate Stoned Immaculate

Pinch: "I've been listening to this track since I was 10 years old on a taped copy of 'Pay It All Back, Vol. 3'! Always loved it, always makes me smile every time I hear it, to this day! Set me freeee…"

02. Prince Far I Bedward The Flying Preacher

Pinch: "A tragicomic true story of a deluded preacher in Jamaica who leaps to his inevitable death, believing he will fly. Backed by a killer rhythm that makes a return visit in another, later fave On-U classic of mine – Pounding System (under the Dub Syndicate guise)."

03. Dub Syndicate & Lee Perry Train To Doomsville

Pinch: "Appropriately bonkers throughout – constantly patching samples in and around Lee's vocals – it's a relentless barrage of sound and attitude. Classic tune."

04. Tackhead What's My Mission Now?

Pinch: "Industrial electro beats pound away as samples swim in and out of focus, On-U Sound style! 30 years on this one is still fresh and relevant today – industrial electro psychotic dub. Or something like that."

05. Andy Fairley Jack The Biscuit

Pinch: "I wanted to put System Vertigo actually, but that's not on YouTube! Nevermind – this is a classic too. Telling the tale of social misfit 'Jack the Biscuit', this acapella track is pure spoken poetry, Fairley style. Spoken in 'that' voice, as if announcing the latest cinematic outing of Night Of The Living Dead…"

06. Pinch Swish

Adrian Sherwood: "I like the dark mood of this one. We ran an early dubplate version of this tune of Pinch's along with the Andy Fairly vocal we used in Precinct of System. I think Pinch used to play it out quite a lot."

07. Pinch The Boxer

Adrian Sherwood: "Another cracker from Rob on a more dancefloor flavour. Starts off all mysterious and then hits hard when it drops. Appropriate title."

08. Pinch Croydon House

Adrian Sherwood: "I'm not a huge fan of house music in general, but this one is dark and heavy. We've been playing it in some of our live sets – really interesting percussion."

09. Pinch Qawwali

Adrian Sherwood: "I like the world influences on this one. Rob says it's one the first tunes he ever made – not a bad start!"

10. Pinch One Blood, One Source

Adrian Sherwood: "I like the rootsy sonic on this one – fits my tastes nicely."

On-U Sound/Tectonic release 'Late Night Endless' on February 9th 2015 (pre-order).

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