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18.10.2016, Words by dummymag

The 10 best dance music floor fillers, according to Gerd

Racking up almost 25 years in the dance music industry, Rotterdam native Gerd (aka Gert-Jan Bijl) is somewhat of a Dutch house music supremo. A regular on Royal Oak, Clone, and Life Enhancing Audio; the seasoned DJ and producer also established own label, 4Lux, over 12 years ago. Gerd's no stranger to the alias either, with productions under his NY Stomp and Geeeman monikers.

Most certainly a dab hand when it comes to the carefully considered chemistry of the dancefloor, Gerd will be making his way to Amsterdam for the city's annual industry love-in, ADE. At the top of his agenda, the showcase of Polish duo catz n dogz's label, Pets Recordings. Assembling alongside the owners, Move D, and Larry De Kat at Chicago Social Club – the night is sure to be a soundtrack to lawless partying, full of rare gems and tush-shaking rhythms. 

Ahead of the event later this week, we dove deep into Gerd's encyclopaedic knowledge of house music, to share just some of the hottest floor fillers from the genre. From the mesmerising sway of M44K through to Dam-Funk's intricate synth lines, read through Gerd's selections below or listen seamlessly via our YouTube playlist and get ready for ADE enjoyment (or if you're staying home like me, pure FOMO).

M44K Mstks 

Gerd: "The lo-fi house sound at its hype peak. This one is just great! Very mesmerising tune for late night and/or early morning parties."

Javonntte Chaka's Revenge

Gerd: "Killer track from a mighty fine EP released on one of my favourite labels, NDATL. This is so infectious!"

Dam-Funk O.B.E. 

Gerd: "A fantastic track by Dam-Funk, with a great bassline and awesome synthesiser work."

Julian Kendall Assumptions

Gerd: "Great house music from Detroit which is kinda overlooked. It reminds me of early Lil Louis stuff. Very smooth tune!"

Yullik Casablanca

Gerd: "Crazy French electro-ish tune from the late 90's. The whole album is a lot of fun!"

Warren Raww Gringos Tropicanas 

Gerd: "Fun track with a tropical atmosphere. The whole EP this track is taken from is very nice."

Those Guys Tonite

Gerd: "A classic Basement Boys track released on MCA in the early '90s. I just love that DX-100 bassline."

M Fada Jungle Flute

Gerd: "Great old school house track on Underworld Records. There are four good versions but the Flute Dub takes the prize on this twelve."

Glenn Underground Chi Tech Zero

Gerd: "Deep and mysterious techno from one of the best: Glenn Underground." 

Chris Nazuka Blue 

Gerd: "Sweet deep house tune with a slightly jazzy feel. Taken from the very good double pack called 'The Butterfly EP'."

Gerd plays the Pets Recordings showcase at ADE alongside Move V, catz n dogz, and Larry De Kat at Chicago Social Club, Amsterdam on October 22nd, 2016 (info).

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