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06.11.2012, Words by Aimee Cliff

The 10 best dance tracks of the moment, according to Ron Morelli

In between running the bold DIY label L.I.E.S. (who have released music from Legowelt and Xosar among others) from his home in Brooklyn, and making music as part of Two Dogs In A House, Ron Morelli is a DJ with killer taste. So, to celebrate his upcoming headline appearance for NTS on Friday night, he’s shared with Dummy the 10 tracks he most enjoys playing out right now, all of which are crafting their own innovative niche in the landscape of underground dance music.

  1. Two Dogs in a House – Eliminator II
    Ron: “Yeah OK, I made this track with Jason in Stockholm…but our friends Oliver and Juan made a bondage movie in their SF apartment to accompany the track…somehow it makes sense in some world somewhere.”
  2. J.Velez – Under the Sea
    Ron: “Jorge Velez aka Professor Genius just released a series of four 12 inches for Rushhour. Really killer stuff from the late 90s that was recorded to tape in his Jersey City apartment. Essential underground listening.”
    Click here to listen.
  3. Charles Manier – AB Infect
    Ron: “Crushing upcoming release on Nation from one of Tadd Mullnix’s aliases. As always, he’s way way ahead of the game.”
  4. DJ Rush – Reactor
    Ron: “Brought this one on the road with me, the ultimate in minimal jack. It seems like the start/stop button on his 808 worked pretty good at the time.”
  5. Torn Hawk – This is Crime & Lace
    Ron: “I don’t think one can really pigeonhole this into any genre. When Luke gave me this track I bugged out. Any DJ who plays this out is a DJ I wanna see.”
  6. Blawan – Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage
    Ron: “First there was Surfer House, now the latest genre emerges: Serial Killer House. But really it just reminds me of old Green Velvet, which is dope. Mega shout-outs to the TTT crew.”
  7. DJ Sotofett ‎- Åsså Med Den Derre Fløyta
    Ron: “Another dude who just pushes it in this boring and faceless world of dance music. When you put on one of his records you know its gonna slay. Every track on this kills.”
  8. Lee Gamble – Plos 97s
    Ron: “OK, I can’t find a link to this track, so just go to his Soundcloud and check his music. It’s pretty amazing, buy his two new records and everything else that comes out on PAN.”
  9. WOZ – Flashbacks
    Ron: “After bouncing around from label to label, WT Records finally officially re-issued this freaked out private press jazz synth experimental record from the artist Woz, of Newark, Delaware, a shitty suburb of Philadelphia. Will Burnett had found a copy of this a bunch of years ago at The Thing, and now this man’s music has seen the light of day once again.”
  10. Function vs. Jerome Sydenham – White Light (Silent Servant remix)
    Ron: “Super sick modern dub techno type cut, sits nice in the pocket so you can wild with it. Gets moving nice when the hi-hats come in.”
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