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29.11.2021, Words by Maisie Goulsbra

The 10 Best Hardbag Tracks, according to Eats Everything

"Absolute B E L T E R."

Ever since he arrived in 2011 with ‘Heard That’, Daniel Pearce aka Eats Everything has been tearing up the UK’s and Europe’s biggest clubs as a DJ, with the most statement house and techno tunes of the last decade – many of which are his own productions. His labels, Edible and new techno focused imprint EI8HT, have churned out key releases from Melé, Dance System, Truncate and Black Girl/White Girl.

The Eats Everything discography includes tracks like rave-tingled ‘Miss Honey’ on FFRR and ‘All The Ladies’ with Fatboy Slim, which was accompanied by a portable DJ set together in a Mini Cooper around Brighton. He’s also responsible for running the long-standing award-winning Edible Beats radio show, and this year got the number 1 spot on Beatport’s Garage Chart, for his remix of ‘Who’s Got The Bag’ for The Streets.

As a born and bred Bristolian, Dan got into raving at clubs like Lakota and FireStation, saying, “I still pinch myself every day that this is my job.” To celebrate ten years of Eats Everything, Dan is embarking upon a ’10 years of Eats Everything’ tour, which kicked off this month and continues through into December. There is also a special collaboration with Pete Tong’s Heritage Orchestra on the way – due on the 4th December via Ministry of Sound. Remembering the essence of what got him into the scene, Dan has selected his top ten favourite hardbag tunes, a subgenre of house that was popular in the nineties. Find out below.

1. Tony De Vit – ‘Burning Up’

“The king of everything. The best DJ, end of. When Tony was playing the music was a little bit faster, the energy was a little bit higher, and the atmosphere was a little bit better. He knew his way around making a record as well. ‘Burnin Up’ is a beautiful thing. Long live Tony De Vit. RIP.”

2. Candy Girls – ‘Fee Fi Fo Fum’ (Sharp Dub)

“One of my favourite records ever. Everything that encapsulates Hardbag in one record. Tongue in cheek vocals, Todd Terry style drums, rave synths and campness aplenty.”

3. Nu Soul ft Kelli Rich – ‘Hideaway’ (Helicopter Remix)

“Helicopter (one half was Simon Ratcliffe of Basement Jaxx fame) made some wicked tunes and this is probably my fav they did. Absolute belter.”

4. Natural Born Grooves – ‘Forerunner’ (Experts Remix)

“NBG made SOOO many proper pumpers and this remix of theirs is another that just captures what I define as Hardbag. Proper tough party music that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Wallop.”

5. Felix – ‘Don’t You Want Me’ (Candy Girls Remix)

“What more can you say about this? Absolute anthem, beefed up to perfection.”

6. 99 Allstars – ‘Love Is All You Need’ (Ralphi Rosario Remix)

“I have my own edit of this but I didn’t really need to do much to it to make it playable with today’s records, which is testament to the record because it’s an absolute beauty and has stood the test of time.”

7. The Hed Boys – ‘Girls & Boys’ (Original Seka Remix)

“This is Joey Negro at his finest. This track kind of preceded the ‘Hardbag’ era, but it defo fits the bill. I still play it a lot now and it still works a treat.”

8. Sara Parker – ‘My Love Is Deep’ (Sharp Dub)

“So many Sharp Boys tracks I could’ve included as they are the kings of this style of music, but this is one of the first tracks I remember with the offbeat bassline that really stood out. Total banger.”

9. Shaker – ‘Strong To Survive’ (Namedroppers Delight Remix)

“Pete ‘Shaker’ Bones was a big player around these times with so many of his records being championed by the likes of Tony De Vit, Jon Pleased etc and this is one of my favourites.”

10. Rozzo – ‘Into Your Heart’ (Original Mix)

“Absolute B E L T E R.”

Remaining Tour Dates: 10 Years Of Eats Everything

7th Dec – Tuesday Club, Sheffield with Lord Leopard
10th Dec – Index, Dublin with Melé
11th Dec – Mint, Leeds with Rebuke
18th Dec – Fabric, London with Joseph Capriati
31st Dec – Shine, Belfast with Ejeca

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