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03.10.2017, Words by dummymag

The 10 Best Italo-Disco tracks, according to Mind Enterprises

Having left his hometown of Turin in 2011, Andrea Tirone, otherwise known as Mind Enterprises, lived in East London for six years before recently relocating to the tropical island of Gran Canaria – the "southest place in Europe", as he puts it. His sonic output is constantly evolving, and his music has explored an eclectic mix of disco productions from the afro-disco territories reigning in last album Idealist to the Italo-disco sonics of his most recent single, 'Idol.' Being so knowledgable in the disco scene of his home country, Tirone has provided us with a rundown of the most essential Italo-disco tracks, which you can check out below.

Klapto – 'Mister Game'

Mind Enterprises: "1983 italo-disco golden era."


Hypnosis – 'Pulstar'

"I discovered this song around 2007 at a party but I didn't check the title, then I spent the following 10 years looking for it. The melody was stuck in my head, and I finally found it thanks to a Spanish cab driver who had it as the ringtone on his mobile!" 


Doctors Cat – 'Feel the Drive'

"That bass line…"


Mr Flagio – 'Take A Chance'

"This is such a classic, it would be a crime not to include it." 


Alisha – 'All Night Passion'

"My girlfriend's favourite, I see her point!"


Kano –  'I'm Ready'

"Sometimes people don't believe me when I say this song is from Kano, and at the beginning I was surprised because I didn't know there are 2 Kanos!"


Pino D'Angio – 'Ma Quale Idea'

"This is a big hit and has a sexy beat but I wish I couldn't understand the lyrics. Recommended if you don't speak Italian."


Telex – 'L'Amour Tojour'

"Every single time I listen to that vocal, I shiver a bit."


Koto – 'Visitors'

"Another classic that is impossible to exclude."


J.D. Jaber – 'Don't Stop Lovin'

"Finally my favourite among favourites, so inspiring."

Check out Mind Enterprises' recent single, 'Idol,' below.


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