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24.03.2023, Words by Billy Ward

The 10 Best Pre-Match Anthems, according to Songer

"I don’t think there’s a song in the world that makes you want to play football more..."

At just 22 years old, Reading-hailing rapper Songer has already recorded three of the most watched Blackbox freestyles of all time. Speaking from the heart about many of the issues young people endure in today's society, his music is as thought-provoking as it is infectious, allowing him to rise up through the ranks to rub shoulders with the artists he grew up listening to. His recent single '04:59' featuring grime icon D Double E is a perfect example of how far the young star has come.

Aside from being one of UK rap music's most refreshing acts, Songer is a huge football fanatic. Whether its getting stuck in with 5-a-side or spitting bars about on-pitch antics, the artist has never shied away from declaring his love for the beautiful game. Below, we sat down with the rapper to run through 10 of his favourite pre-match anthems. 

1. 50 Cent - 'Many Men'

"I feel like it’s the ultimate song for feeling invincible and instantly gets you in the mode to succeed."

2. Sergio Mendes feat. Black Eyed Peas - 'Mas Que Nada'

"It instantly takes you to Brazil, I don’t think there’s a song in the world that makes you want to play football more."

3. Nia Archives - 'Baianá'

"It was the song played before I came on stage for my debut tour, so it gets me fired up and ready to perform."

4. Cymande - 'Brothers On The Side'

"Feel good track. The perfect soundtrack which is about good vibes, success and victory."

5. NLE Choppa feat. 2Rare - 'Do It Again'

"It’s impossible not to feel pumped up to this song. Makes you want to get out there and do it. It reminds me of tour too."

6. Kofi Jamar feat. Yaw TOG & Ypee - 'Ekorso'

"A heavier motivating track that’s balances out the playlist and gets you fired up."

7. Kano - 'P's and Q's'

"A classic. Speaks for itself."

8. James Brown - 'Get Up Offa That Thing'

"It’s impossible not to feel positive to this track. It really gets you off your feet and in the zone."

9. Nas - 'Get Down'

"For some reason reminds me of the show boat part of Soccer AM. Should be a soundtrack for people playing with flair."

10. Potter Payper - '2020 Vision Freestyle' 

"The ultimate story of the underdog and a song that highlights the come back."

Stream Songer's single '04:59' featuring D Double E below: 

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