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21.12.2017, Words by dummymag

The 10 best tracks that shaped Paris' ballroom scene, according to Kiddy Smile

Catapulted into the public consciousness by Beth Ditto, Kiddy Smile seeks to spread the retro love in his beats – all of which he produces, sings and sometimes even raps over himself. Deeply influenced by the sleazy, lazy feel of 80s and 90s house music and the fabulous legacy of the Ballroom scene, he has performed live alongside the likes of Hercules & Love Affair and Gossip. Through his own music and performances, Kiddy has kept the nostalgic sounds of the dancefloor very much alive.

Kiddy Smile is also one of the faces of Smirnoff's 'We're Open' campaign which, in conjunction with the LGBT Foundation and the likes of Honey Dijon, Lucy Fizz and others, aims to spark conversation, create positive change in nightlife culture and lead a movement to make it a more open-minded and socially inclusive space. Bringing together non-binary music artists and performers, the campaign celebrates diversity, inclusiveness and the good vibes spawned as a result.

Check out Kiddy's favourite tracks from Paris' exuberant ballroom scene below.

Masters At Work – The Ha Dance (Pumpin' Dubb)

Kiddy: "This track is iconic and responsible for the evolution of dancing in the ballroom community, from the poses to the very popular Death Drop, who's real name is Macahella."

MikeQ – The Ha Dub Rewerk'd

"MikeQ from Jersey is the DJ who is making the scene crazy. Owner of Qween Beats Records, here is his take on the Ha Dance."

Kevin Aviance – Cunty

"Kevin Aviance from the House of Aviance gave us the reference track for the soft and cunt performance category at balls with his track 'Cunty'".

George Kranz – Din Daa Daa (Original 12" Version)

"George Kranz, all the way from Germany, created the most beautiful piece of ballroom music in the 80’s without even knowing his music was getting a whole community together for years. I witnessed him seeing voguing dancers performing to this song for the first time in Berlin." 

Fast Eddie – Let's Go (Don't U Want Some More)

"Before every ball starts, the MC calls the most important figures of the scene in what they call an LSS which stands for Legends, Statements and Stars. Back in the 90’s they would perform to this song."

DJ Delish – Kosmic Cocaine

"I met DJ Delish last year! Such a nice guy! But the music is even nicer and this is what the new generation of ballroom producers are doing for ball music material."

Armand Van Helden – Witch Doktor (Dark Ages Mix)

"Lots of big producers played a big part in ballroom music, such as Ellis D and Basement Jaxx , but Armand van Helden is surely the most popular. He struck again with 'Witch Doktor'".

Tyree – Acid Crash

"Classic ballroom anthem introducing the crashes to the scene. Also known as the musical blueprint for the dance called The NEW WAY."

Basement Jaxx – Fly Life (Extra) 

"Because ballroom isn’t only about dancing. Here is the original track for all the runway divas from extraordinaire Basement Jaxx."


"Vjuan Allure is The Ballroom Music reference from being a performer to shaping the sound of every performance at balls. A sound, a smile and a voice we respect. Here is his take on a beat he made especially for the LSS."

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