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12.02.2013, Words by Aimee Cliff

The 10 best UK house tracks, according to Terry Farley

Ahead of his appearance DJing at the Drop Acid Not Bombs party this weekend in east London, Boy’s Own co-founder and legendary DJ Terry Farley provides a run-down of the best of UK house. Scroll down and turn it up.

  1. Bang The Party – Bang Bang You’re Mine
    Terry: “Very early London track from Kid Batchelor’s clique that mixes early trax and a London soul to soul vibe – still very playable and collectable.”
  2. Paul Rutherford – Get Real (Happy house mix)
    Terry: “Obvious choice, but the man from Frankie Goes to Hollywood whose 2 tribes had been a monster anthem for Ron Hardy at the muzik box really caught the mood and vibe of ’88. Then again as he was on the dancefloor every saturday at Shoom you would expect nothing less.”
  3. Bizarre Inc – Playing With Knives
    Terry: “Gets in my top 10 for this Youtube performance alone .. considered a Tad Ted at the time but pop house at its best.”
  4. Black Science Orchestra – Where Were You
    Terry: “Thanks to Frankie Knuckles making this an anthem in NY, Ashley Beedle and co in full flow.”
  5. Beloved – Sun Rising
    Terry: “The impact of hearing this as the sun does indeed rise in Ibiza or a corn field around the M25 was truly inspirational. Mr and Mrs Marsh made a record that represented a generation and beyond.”
  6. X-Press 2 – Muzik Xpress*
    Terry: “Sound factory 1994 – it’s 7am and Jr Vasquez plays two copies of this track back in and out for nearly 40 mins sending the Queens and Ball kids crazy – UK house taking it back to the motherland.”
  7. Salt City Orchestra – The Book (Hardback Dub)
    Terry: “Deep as you like – top work from Elliot and Miles up in that Yorkshire.”
  8. Peace Division – Feel My Drums
    Terry: “Very much THE sound of early Circo Loco @ DC10 – UK tribal at its most intense.”
  9. BlueBoy – Sandman
    Terry: “Originally I believe from Scotland, but broken by Derrick Carter who weaved this in and out of his mixes until you screamed for it.”
  10. Waze and Odyssey – Love Attack
    Terry: “Maybe not in the ALL time greatest, but it was my fave UK house track from 2012 and for that reason alone makes it here…”

Terry Farley will DJ this Saturday (16th February) at the intimate ‘Drop Acid Not Bombs’ event in E1; more information and tickets here.

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