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01.06.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

The five best clips of people dancing according to House Of Trax

London juke/ballroom/booty/ghetto themed night House Of Trax are throwing a party this weekend on June 3rd, and this time around they are stepping things up a gear by putting on a dance competition. Part of the club nights inspiration was the vibrant dress and exuberant moves of the participants on shows like The New Dance Show in the ’80s, and House Of Trax are looking to bring some of that playful competitiveness and dressed up strutting spirit to London. To give us an idea of the kind of thing that has inspired the competition, they’ve put together a list of their favourite clips of people dancing.

  1. Pam Thomas of The New Dance Show

    This is many a reference point and inspiration to House Of Trax and its a comemmorative video dedicated to the late Pam Thomas who was a legend through The New Dance Show’s reign.
  2. 20 Best Vogue clips

    Checkout no.17 he werks it hard! So many on point dips and works the floor! Serve!
  3. Chicago footwork dancers

    In a male dominated scene, the lady in this kills it! Aside from that, these guys are the dopest and reaping the ghetto tecknitianz.
  4. Vogue dance class in Finland

    The girl in the grey sweater at the front is fierce. She knows how to serve in heels!
  5. Advert for Club Mozambique

    Straight up amazing advert for an exotic dance club in Detroit. Check the group names, moves and threads!

House Of Trax takes place at Birthdays on 3rd June 2012

Details here

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