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18.02.2015, Words by dummymag

The five best themes, according to Joker

Joker has released a new album, 'The Mainframe'.

The 26-year-old Bristolian producer is best known for working within the 'purple' subgenre of dubstep. Since the release of 'The Vision', his debut album for 4AD, he's been busy releasing club tracks on labels like Butterz, Hardrive, and his own Kapsize imprint – the latter of which houses 'The Mainframe'.

If 'The Vision' was an album for radios up and down the country, then 'The Mainframe' is an album for cinema screens. Envisioned as a complete listen from start-to-finish, with each track bleeding into the next, it's all high octane thrills, brass section pomp, and digital guitar riffs. You can picture each track soundtracking a scene in a bigger blockbuster, and indeed its midsection – Scene 1, Scene 2, and Scene 3 – is described explicitly as such.

With such a cinematic focus, it made sense for Joker to pick out some of his favourite theme music from film, TV, and video gaming. It's a fun selection – there are Bond themes and mock Bond themes, and staples of British TV shows (which includes the ridiculously proggy, time signature-shifting theme for The Bill). And Joker fans should be surprised to see the theme from Metal Gear Solid 3 in there – he famously flipped the tune on his own Snake Eater.

We've stayed true to Joker's intentions and kept his words exactly as they arrived to us – we had a go at reformatting them to fit our usual style, but to be honest it just killed it.

01. SNAKE EATER THEME from metal gear solid 3

as metal gear solid being 1 of my most FAVVVVV games ever 

the theme song that come with this game is EPIC!

Propa james bond feeling to it 



Im a HUGE! Bond fan

and beat me up for it but. pierce brosnan is my fav

This track here is may b in my top 3 fav tracks ever!

shits just super epic,warm,super musical ,very bond!


03. Crystal Maze Theme

Come on. EVERYONE should remember this 1

just listening to it makes me feel like ive just finished school backed a food and sat down

i love the fact it just sounds propa 90s something about the quality,sounds the producer used 

ive also clocked that the bridge in Pharrell frontin is VERY similar to this as well 

i would say check some other stuff out by Zack Laurence its great…


Its takes a second to build up

but when i 1st herd this………………………i just stared looked at my screen.

one of them tracks that make you just think ALOT

i think i was smoking weed when i 1st herd this 2

so it was SUPER!@£$%^&^%$£@! EPIC

i would say this track defo inspired me a bit in the making of my latest album 

The Mainframe 

05. THE BILL theme 

i think it was a few months ago i come across this again

and was like RAH WTF i knew i liked this but i 4got it was super gangsta 

the bass like sounds super nang  then it goes to that crazy break down build up bit

the bit we never herd on tv 

then it drops back in . switch!


may b the only thing i like linked to 5.0

Kapsize released 'The Mainframe' on February 16th 2015 (buy).

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