10 Best
17.06.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Today's Sonar tips: 17/06

  1. Xesús Valle (Alg-a netlabel / ES) – 13:00 :: SonarComplex :: live
    One of the more nice-to-listen-to soundscape creators around, Galician artist Xesús Valle records and manipulates found sound using Vigo and his excellent mind, with a delicate musicality that recalls Pantha du Prince or Susuma Yakamota.
  2. Katy B (Rinse / UK) – 17:30 :: Red Bull Music Academy at SonarDôme :: live
    Katy’s rise from the fertile heart of the British bass explosion to the top of the charts has been one of this year’s biggest pleasures and her tracks – from Perfect Stranger to Lights On to Katy On A Mission – are bordering on illicitly enjoyable.
  3. The Tri Angle showcase (Tri Angle / UK) – from 17:30 :: SonarComplex, Sonar by Day :: live
    If you’ve spent a stretch of time on this website in the last 18 months, you’ll be familiar with the world of Tri Angle records. Three of the label’s artists will play SonarComplex at Sonar by Day – soul singer How To Dress Well, the slow, orchestral Holy Other and oOoOO, who makes music that sounds like dubstep heard through some distant, primordial swamp. Expect odd comfort and bleak beauty.
  4. Dizzee Rascal (Dirtee Skank / UK) – 01:15 :: SonarPub :: live
    Dizzee has had an extraordinary career – from composing brutalist grime before it was called grime on his PlayStation to deserved critical praise for his still-magnificent ‘Boy In Da Corner’ to standing tall as a bona fide popstar. It will be fascinating to see which side of Dizzee we will see tonight.
  5. Aphex Twin (Warp / UK) – 02:45 :: SonarClub :: live
    Sonar’s full lazer and light arsenal will be employed for Aphex Twin’s live show, which will see one of the most important electronic musicians of all time distort “thermographic images” of the audience and, perhaps, play some new music.
  6. James Murphy (DFA / US) – 05:30 :: SonarPub
    James Murphy’s LCD Soundsystem project ended earlier this year, but his stunning attention to detail and almost-forlornly romantic dream of what dance music can and should be lives on in his DJ sets.
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10 Best