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11.10.2012, Words by Aimee Cliff

The 10 best 'old school' tracks, according to Telepathe

Brooklyn-based electronic duo Telepathe make hyperactive synth-pop that obviously draws on disparate, dance-infused influences. Busy Gangnes and Melissa Levaudis took some time out this week to send over to Dummy a list of those influences, spanning everything they love that was made on a vintage synth and makes a dancefloor swarm. Read on to discover their diverse and excitable taste.

  1. Egyptian Lover – Egypt, Egypt
    Egyptian Lover, god of the 808. He brilliantly sampled Kraftwerk. Got nothing but love for this track. We hear the city of Los Angeles screaming this song especially all fucked up and driving around LA.
  2. Steve B – Spring Love
    Christ we love this song. It embodies everything we love in Latin freestyle. The bassline is so sick. I still get chills every time I hear this track! It’s an epic jam with those harmonies in the end…full on love song and full on 727 drums.
  3. Nice & Wild – Diamond Girl
    Diamond Girl hits so hard. The bassline, sampled vocals and everything we love in music is in this song…it has everything, srsly.
  4. Trinere – They’re Playing Our Song
    First off, Trinere is the dopest name a girl could ever have…and “they’re playing our song”, it’s like bitch get on the floor ‘cause they playin’ our joint. This song has major sex vibes, love it.
  5. Company B – Fascinated
    The melody is so fucking catchy, and as soon as Busy hears this song she immediately starts dancing. Even in her sleep.
  6. Debbie Deb – Lookout Weekend
    Pretty Tony Butler produced this and we loved it…a while back we tried to contact him in Miami to see if we could get him to produce a Telepathe track, but no luck…this is classic.
  7. Connie – Rock Me
    This song tears up the dance floor…especially while high on drugs, but even without!
  8. Ghost Ride The Whip
    This song came up in conversation as we were compiling this list, and we were psyched to revisit it ‘cause it hits so hard, and, well, need I say more?
  9. Mobb Deep feat. Nas – It’s Mine
    Our freestyle list took a strange turn and went to hip hop but they’re obviously not too dissimilar. Mobb Deep feat. Nas with a Qiorgio Moroder sample…“we don’t give a fuck…” This track is an anthem.
  10. Shareefa ft. Ludacris – I Need A Boss
    We love this song…you put it on and everybody starts to dance, and what fly chic doesn’t want a boss anyway? Duh.

Federal Prism will release Telepathe’s new single, Destroyer, on the 30th October, with a B side remix by Trent Reznor.

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