10 Best
17.06.2011, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Wiley's best lyrics, according to you

  1. Who ate all the pies / Who ate all the pies / There goes Wiley, there goes Wiley / He ate all the pies
  2. My name’s Wiley / I come from Bow E3 / 07961 897 033 / I’m so E3 / The whole of E3 got so much talent / I hope you see
  3. Most of them wait for the drop / Not me, I’m in straight from the top
  4. Just a look in her eye was so evil / Wiley’s a party guy and she knows it
  5. I know trouble, trouble said he don’t know you / I know beef, beef said he don’t know you / I’ve had war
  6. Gettin em hyperrr / Get em dirty like a baby diperrr / When I’m on the mike, I’m a lyrical sniper / All bad boy gon flash ya lightrrrr
  7. All I really want is money in my pocket
  8. I’m treading on thin ice / I’m at the end of my tether / I’ll be like this forever
  9. Must be the same old kid in the dinner hall, primary / Eating apple crumble and custard
  10. I’m a street star / There’s no set time I have my tea at
  11. I’m a ninja turtle / You can’t step in my circle

Congratulations to @SJPClark who tweeted us number 6 on this list. Signed album on its way. Feel free to add your own favourite Wiley-isms below.

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