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20.06.2012, Words by dummymag

The 10 best 90s rave videos, according to Soul Clap

Boston duo Soul Clap will be in east London on Saturday June 30th teaming up with world-class DJs to give London a slice of the 90s with a night devoted to the best ‘Rave Jams’ and ‘Slow Jams’. For tickets, click here

Here are Soul Clap’s top 10 90’s jams to get things started.

  1. Fantazia 1992 (Full Video):
    Raving raving ravvvvvvving!  Look at all the kids feeling amazEEEng!
  2. Bizzare Inc. perform Playing With Knives on BBC’s ‘Dance Energy’ show:
    Dance Energy makes the people on MTV’s The Grind look like a bunch wannabes.  Really hope all these folks show up to the 90’s Jam, their dance moves and silly faces would really make our night. 
  3. Deee-LiteGood Beat:
    Funky fresh, freaky and different.  Deee-lite were like a perfect hybrid of pop and dance.  They mastered house, chill-out, breakbeat, trip-hop, even jungle. Damn, we need another group like this!
  4. Barbara TuckerBeautiful People:
    When you’re in the 90’s and you take Masters At Work, Louie Vega + Kenny Dope, add a top ranking diva like Barbara Tucker and release on Strictly Rhythm Records you end up with this – one of the ultimate house anthems in the history of the genre.  Sure the video is just generic afros and dance-moves, but its what this song does to a dance-floor, thats the real magic!
  5. Massive AttackUnfinished Sympathy:
    Ok, so maybe its just another video of folks walking down the street, being real, but when those strings and Shara Nelsons vocals come in, wooweee, chills up and down the spine.  What a beautiful and truthful moment in pop music. Loving the awareness and honesty that without a mind and a heart you’re missing every part!
  6. The KLF3 A.M. Eternal:
    Epic epic beyond belief, if Soul Clap could ever have a cladenstine themed festival stage show, it would look like the post-apocalyptic intro to this video.  KLF are still some of the most mysterious and genre defying dudes in the game.  I mean, what was their game after all? To make it in music or change the world?  Wish we were around for those parties to be able to witness the movement.
  7. Sagat” – Funk Dat:
    Yo, why is it that there hasnt been another track since Funk Dat that calls out everything and everybody?  Yo, FUNK DAT!  And yo, why is it that pop music is so FUNKIN tame these days and everyone seems to hide behind BS formulaic autotune and general garbagio?  FUNK DAT!  What a beat too, perfect blend of house and breaks.
  8. Daft PunkDa Funk:
    So if you’ve got a song with no lyrics how do you make a cool video?  How bout a narrative about a dog man with a boom-box looking for love (or maybe a bone?)  Cool move for the time and once again proving that music videos can be just as effective when they’re weird, creative and cool.
  9. CeCe PenistonFinally:
    If you were alive and breathing in the 90’s this song was unavoidable.  I remember 94.5 WZOU our local Boston top 40 radio station pumping this house/pop music perfection daily.  Oh CeCe you never cease to impress… DIVA!
  10. Soho” – Hot Music:
    This one’s a house dancers dream come true, Pal Joey may be know for a boat load of jams but this one really takes the prize!  When we were growing up in Boston, if DJ Bruno dropped Hot Music at Utopia Sunday the crowd would lose their minds.  Cool video too, showing those jazz roots!
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