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11.07.2014, Words by dummymag

555-5555 at Power Lunches, 27/06/14

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If you've been to Powerlunches, you'll know that while the sound quality can, well, vary, and the downstairs is sometimes quite good at pretending it's a sauna, catch a quality night in there and you can come away feeling like it's one of London's most likable club spaces right now. Once such recent quality turn was patten inaugurating his new 555-5555 night at the wee Dalston joint, and after displaying a stand-up list of talent, we hope it'll be the first night of many monthly stints to come. Accompanying patten was Filter Dread, Labyrinth Ear, and UNO NYC's acieeed  maverick SFV Acid, who delivered a squelchy peach of a set. Logos, not quite as in tear-out mood as he had been at the Keysound Boiler Room a few days earlier, still rounded things up in full-throttle fashion, and somehow managed to survive the basement heat all while wearing a khaki jacket. 

The next 555-5555 is already lined-up and it's looking as fine as the first: patten will be joined at Powerlunches  by Paco Sala, Vanilla Hammer (them of patten's Kaleidoscope label), Houndstooth' s âˆ†kkord, and fellow Warpees Darkstar (DJ) on July 31st. More on that here.


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