17.02.2010, Words by Charlie Jones

7th Dimension/String Theory

What are the new wave of electronic artists and DJs (Raffertie, Speaker Junk, Hudson Mohawke) who use Rave soundscape techniques (psychedelic panning delay, warped house vocals and badly mashed keyboards) going to call their music now that the words ‘New Rave’ have been murdered by all those ‘indie-bands-with-the=odd-bit-of-synth’…? Rave-step…? Ah, who cares what it is called? All I know is that it sounds fresh.

The first track 7th Dimension sounds like a cross between a early 90s Rave track and glitchy Dubstep; a convincing piece of samplework, not too much more knitted together by a driving rhythm but lacking the pounding bass of his other work, which was what made his previous releases so danceable. A really enjoyable psych freak out at the end though. The second track String Theory is somewhere between Boards of Canada and a Gang Gang Dance (interviewed here) karaoke track. Glitchy, warped Dubstep rhythms that gradually quicken and intensify underscore a vocal phase that at some point gets mashed into something that sounds like a bell. Tonally interesting but as an individual release not totally well-rounded. That said, it is definitely promising!

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