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21.12.2018, Words by Felicity Martin

8 Artists To Watch in 2019

We ask some of the industry's key players to tip the artists they see making waves over the next twelve months...

With the end of one year comes a look towards the next: cue the endless lists of artists who people think will cut through the white noise in 2019. We’ve approached listomania by asking a selection of key industry players and tastemaking voices to tip the one artist they think will make some serious moves across the next 12 months. Check the list below to see who Conducta, Jaykae, Jamz Supernova and more are tipping for success.

1. Object Blue

“Object Blue occupies a unique space in the current musical climate. Throughout 2018 she released two incredible EPs, featured on Mount Kimbie’s DJ-Kicks, remixed Yaeji, contributed to SIREN’s ‘The Shape Of Sound’ install at Somerset House and performed at Unsound, Atonal and Red Bull Music Festival Berlin. Her DJ sets are unapologetic and her live sets refreshing, unique and different every time. With the release of her debut LP in 2019, I look forward to watching Object Blue secure her reputation as one of electronic music’s most exciting energies.”
Jon Phonics – Producer/DJ, Label Owner: Astral Black

2. Channel Tres

“I want this guy to read me bedtime stories. His voice is seriously sexy, and that combined with his unique blend of dance/R&B/soul/house is enough to make you melt. I’ve heard his live shows are insane (dancers included!), his music videos just ooze cool… and Channel Tres has admitted he loves to party. What’s not to love? I predict even bigger moves from Channel Tres in 2019!”
NAINA – Presenter, Beats 1/Reprezent

3. Salami Rose Joe Louis

“Salami has easily one of the most effortlessly beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. She’s utterly talented and is bound for stardom. I found out about her music about five years ago, maybe? And to see such evolution and growth is super rare. Watching her recently open for Toro Y Moi in LA was a really joyous moment. Beyond a voice that sounds something out of the ‘50s but with a modern take, she produces all her own music and until recently was even performing it all live herself. Now with a band behind her I feel like there’s no stopping her. Her music resounds with all ears, I’ve noticed. We recently released our first song together on the Brainfeeder ten-year compilation as well and I’m so honoured to have such an amazing spirit to work on records with.”
PBDY – Artist and Label Owner, TAR Records

4. Tommy B

“I caught a bit of heat this year for a piece I wrote about grime’s musical state, but it was all for the good of the scene. I’m always on the lookout for new, hungry talent in grime to push, and out of the few that I’ve come across in 2018, London MC Tommy B stood out the most. People are already calling him the new Devlin but, to me, he brings a completely different swagger to the mic than our silver-haired legend. Under the tutelage of scene veteran Sharky Major, he’s in the best company to succeed in this game. Check out his ‘Racing’ EP to see what he can do.”
Joseph ‘JP’ Patterson – Founder, TRENCH

5. Ezra Collective

“Ezra Collective are a five-piece jazz outfit from London – for me they are some of the best musicians in the UK. Watching them on stage is like watching athletes! They spent 2018 dominating live spaces but I think once they drop their 2019 album it won’t just be a special moment in jazz, but a real proud moment for UK music!”
Jamz Supernova – DJ, 1Xtra

6. Dapz On The Map

“When I look around and look at the artists who I expect do big things in 2019, I have to put Dapz in that equation. We all know how talented he is, and coming off the back of [mixtape] ‘Champion Settings’, I expect him to continue the momentum and keep building throughout 2019. I look forward to hearing it myself – even though he is my friend, I’m a fan first!”

7. Serine Karthage

“Serine Karthage is one of the UK’s most exciting and transformative breakthrough artists. With her debut release ‘Ruler’ only dropping mid-November this year, she landed at the perfect time for the world to know exactly who she was moving in to 2019. Unfiltered, bold and lyrically colourful, she stands alone sonically while representing London’s streets in their rawest form. A singer, songwriter, rapper and producer, she flits between unexpected melodies and hard hitting bars, all delivered with genuine swag and authenticity. This is just the start for Serine Karthage and very soon stages across the globe will know her name.”
Carly Wilford – Radio presenter/DJ

8. Mind Of A Dragon

“My producer to look out for next year would be Mind Of A Dragon. A diverse producer who weaves through the sounds of UK garage and beyond but maintains his distinctive sound. One of a few garage producers who will help push things forward in 2019.”
Conducta – Producer/DJ

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