26.10.2009, Words by Charlie Jones


It’s late at night. The clocks are about to go back. Or forward. Or back? Oh it’s very confusing. One thing I do know is that futuristic hip-hop whiz kid Hudson Mohawke is finally releasing his debut album ‘Butter’. It’s a thing of wonder and incredibly visual. This is what each track conjured up for me.

Shower Melody
Very aptly named cascading intro – all funk guitars and yeeeeeeah-ness. I’m ready for this.

Straight into synth glory and fukked up bass. Have that. Squelchy. I want to be in a dark club now. Or maybe on sunshiney terrace. It’s hard to tell. Either way, I’m raving.

Joy Fantastic (feat. Olivier Daysoul)
Best intro ever ever EVER. Bert n Ernie in the house. Or rather Olivier Daysoul getting wacky on our asses. It sets the scene for a magical mystery ride into the Technicolor dream world of Mohawke’s imagination. This is nuts. Candy cane funk for club kids.

Glitchy keys and belchy bass…it’s home time alright.

90s R&B in the house. I would like to hear TLC warbling over this. Some revenge ballad, yeah. This is big.

Fruit Touch
Keys coming at me from every angle. HudMo’s in a department store late at night, going mental on one of those giant keyboards. Who said he was like a happy Aphex Twin? Can’t remember but I agree.

H to the E to the A to the V to the Y. Yes, this track is making me talk like a cheerleader. IT FRICKIN ROCKS. Can’t type much, need to close my eyes and mosh.

Acoustic Lady
It’s like angels playing organs in heaven. Angels with Mohicans playing electric organs.

Rising 5
Holy Funkadelic sitars, this is good. Like someone is playing the harp with my innards. There is so much joy on this record. No, IN this record. It’s made of it.

Twistclip Loop
And now it’s time for a break. We’ll be back after these kazoo synth messages.

Just Decided (feat. Olivier Daysoul)
I think I’m in love with Olivier Daysoul. The man with a thousand voices. What a dude. I agree with HudMo, they need to do a whole album together. This is the most Outkast-y track. Kaleidoscopic ker-ray-zee funked up hip pop.

No One Could Ever
Wacking out on keys again. A big synth n sample jam. I want to hear this live – brass section go!

Velvet Peel
This is like driving into Toontown with Bob Hoskins. There are stars and birdies circling round my head, the sun has sunglasses on and a super cute cartoon shoe is winking at me.

Tell Me What You Want From Me (feat. Damfunk)
Damfunk swings by for a slow jam, yeah. HudMo and Damfunk in the house. They don’t want to play no games with you.

This is it. THIS IS IT. We’ve been picked up, Tarzan-style and dropped in the middle of the Ewok treehouse village. The fires are burning, the drums are banging, the pipes are playing. It’s that joy thing again. It’s tribal. It’s my favourite track on the record.

Star Crackout
The Ewoks have been passing round the peace pipe. There’s not a cloud in the night sky. He’s very good at naming tracks is that Mr Mohawke. It IS a star crackout: all intergalactic wonder and fizzy interference.

Allhot (feat Nadsroic)
After a very spacey evening, this is like being woken up by your amorous other half doing the heavy breathing thing in your ear at 3am.

Black n Red
And that’s all folks, the show’s over. It’s curtain call time. Rapturous applause and standing ovations. Let’s come again tomorrow night.

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