Off The Page Festival 2014 Poster
11.07.2014, Words by dummymag

Dean Blunt will present 'Black Metal': A Reading at Bristol's Off The Page festival in September

Instigated by underground music magazine The Wire, Off The Page is a literary festival taking place in Bristol this September at the Arnolfini and The Cube cinema dedicated to music and cultural criticism and audio culture. Some of the events at this year's festival include an audience with the legendary Robert Wyatt, a talk by underground philosopher Mark Fisher, and a pub quiz hosted by The Wire, all of which sounds very interesting to us.

One intriguing addition to the festival bill is Dean Blunt, who will present 'Black Metal': A Reading. A press release informs us that "no other details as to the nature or format of the reading will be forthcoming prior to the event", leading us to speculate on what the hell it could be. One thing's for sure: it's got something to do with his forthcoming album, 'Black Metal'.

Off The Page takes place at the Arnolfini in Bristol from Friday September 26th to Sunday September 28th (buy tickets).

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