28.04.2010, Words by Charlie Jones

Everywhere else #1

Another new feature! In Everywhere Else, Dummy will be harvesting a few interesting links for you to grab, read and post on to social media platforms. Please drop a note to charlie@dummymag.com with any tips or links.

The big video was MIA’s Born Free. Watch the “ginger-ocide” here on VIMEO

The best mix this week was, without a doubt, RippedInGlasgow’s five step recording of the final Optimo on Sunday. Sad times, etc, but through the magic of sendspace, anyone can be there again, forever, or at least till the link goes down.

Speaking of the dear departed, self-titled came up with a brilliant feature, posting their favourite flyers from Optimo [Espacio]‘s history, along with some podcasts and an interview with the great guys.

Ariel Pink is, of course, wonderful, and FACT do a typically outstanding job of interviewing him.

Ghostly are one of the best labels in the world, and DAZED interviewed label head Samuel Valenti yesterday about the label’s 5th birthday compilation.

Chapterhouse’s whirlpool is one of the greatest, most underrated records of all time. DrownedinSound interviewed them.

XXjfg has a premium post about the Underworld Cup and an excellent Lauren Halo track, go grab it.

One old link we came across this week was this article on immigrant tape shops from the Baltimore City Paper . The paper’s music coverage is usually top notch and this is an insightful and interesting take on the typical “record shops” are dying article.

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