03.06.2010, Words by Charlie Jones

Everywhere else #2

  • I can’t really overstate what a tremendous album this is, and FACT’s mix from Ariel Pink from a couple of week’s ago, and it’s really worth listening to.
  • The same magazine’s A Month In House And Techno bucks the trend for “month in … “ articles by being readable and interesting. This month, they have a mix from the superlative Altered Natives and look at the output of Horizontal Ground and Frozen Border, in particular the “purist” techno of 19 26 1 18 5/Szare.
  • The New York Times published a refreshingly straightforward interview with James Murphy.
  • Speaking of videos, one of our favourite Dancehall act, Vybz Cartel, made a video about desert boots, now everyone at Dummy wants a pair of Clarkes.
  • A few Dummy favourite have been interviewed by others –
  1. Caribou by Tiny Mix Tapes,
  2. Holy Fuck by Music OMH
  3. Holly Miranda by the Village Voice
  4. Small Black by the Quietus.
  • Here are a couple of fantastic, and educational mixes, self-titled’s mix from Wierd Records, the label behind the terrific Cold Waves and Minimal Electronics compilation, and Mike Paradinas of Planet Mu on Juke/Footwork, a scene we covered a bit last year.
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