02.08.2010, Words by Charlie Jones

Everywhere else #4

Boiler Room #18: Young Turks Special – Platform Jamie XX, Kwes, Hype Williams and Sampha pop down to Platform’s excellent uStream room.

Acephale Records mixtape – Wow Magazine Record label of Salem, Kingdom, CFCF, Memory Tapes etc follows Merok, Transparent and Tri Angle in providing a mix for superlative French fashion/music website Wow Magazine

Michael Gira on Swans’ ‘My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky’ – the Quietus Singer of suddenly quite famous No Wave band on Swan’s first album in 13 years

The Brown and Fuzzy Ascent of Spirtualized – Village Voice Liberal paper on the lasting importance of Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space, one of our favourite albums of 1997, and of all time

Autechre Return – Dazed Digital Dazed and Confused’s digital arm chat to the august arch-Modernist electronic musicians

FACT mix 172: Kingdom One of our favourite new Bass producers [read Kingdom interview: ‘Out into the woods and into the mountains.’ ] mixes for one of our favourite magazines.

@kanyewest – Twitter Kayne West joined twitter, his knighting of a prole and spouting off about goblets makes him well worth a follow.

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