06.08.2013, Words by dummymag

FaltyDL introduces Brrd

Blueberry Records is a new label founded by experimental beatmaker FaltyDL. Their first release is due out on vinyl and digitally in early September, and comes from a young musician named Brrd. Here, FaltyDL explains why you should be letting Brrd fly into your life.

FaltyDL: Brrd is Stewart Bird. I have mentioned this before, and it becomes more true every time I say it – Blueberry Records was started to release his tunes. I just want to listen to as much of his music as I possibly can. We went record shopping one evening in Brooklyn, and he had so many ideas and thoughts, a few came out at the same time – it was actually hard to follow him. I think that translates to his music, but makes much more sense in audio. His premier release for Blueberry on first listen may appear erratic – one track is hi fidelity, followed by a song that sounds like it was recorded on his phone's mic. It just works. To me this is where I had wished the LA beat scene ended up 3 years ago, but it got sidetracked by other things. Fair play to them – Brrd's music just tickles me more. 

Something here resonates with me when I was 17 and just starting to produce, it's like finally catching the dragon. Or if we never gave up the ghost, you know? He is still chasing that sound in his head. Not jaded, having fun – but honestly searching still. I almost don't want to say too much because this is fucking head music. I believe the listener will develop their own relationship with his music and that becomes sacred. When you hear an original artist like Brrd, you want that personal feeling to last forever. Take it, it's yours. 

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