16.09.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Flickr photographer of the month: Jonathan Hyde

Analogue photographer Jonathan shoots mostly in black and white and develops and prints in his darkroom at home. This gives Jonathans work a wonderfully grainy and organic texture. His photographs are melancholy and sometimes haunting representations of the people and landscape around him.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in the flatlands of Norfolk with little to do other than watch incredible sunsets and fighter planes criss-crossing the cornfields. I moved to Brighton seven years ago and can’t imagine leaving the seaside any time soon.

Where did you study?
I did an A-level in Photography but then chose to study Architecture as a degree. Although my career has taken another path, I certainly see those 3 years as informing the way I see the world around me, and subsequently how I photograph it.

Why photography?
My father gave me my first SLR when I was 14 ( a Minolta) and I have been enthralled by the process ever since. Although I see the merit of digital (and occasionally dabble), the basic chemical process of using film still fascinates me. Having recently set up a darkroom at home I have been reminded of just how magical processing your own photographs can be.

How did you end up shooting a video for Esben and the witch?
Rachel (singer in the band) and I have been friends since before EATW formed and so I’ve watched their development with pride. Chorea is my favourite track from the album and after shooting the cover art for the 12” I decided to re-visit the location with my friend Abigail Toll and make a music video that fed directly from this stark image of people ‘dancing themselves to death’. Many music videos seem to have little or no relation to the atmosphere of the music they are attached to, but because EATW create such vivid images within their songs, making a video to compliment this was a pleasure.

Esben and the Witch – Chorea

What’s next?
I am putting the finishing touches to a 20 minute dance film shot on location in East Sussex – a collaborative project with Caroline Weeks and her project ‘Triangulation’. We hope to screen the film as an installation very soon. I will also be exhibiting during Brighton’s ‘‘White Night’ festival in October and have my first solo show in November as part of a special performance by Esben And The Witch at Corsica Studios.

What music inspires you at the moment?
Although it is most definitely a winter album in my mind, King Creosote and Jon Hopkins’ “Diamond Mine” has sound tracked many walks for me recently. PJ Harvey never ceases to astound me, her output musically, stylistically and collaboratively is something to be greatly admired. Esben And The Witch are releasing something new very soon and regardless of my friendship I think it is a remarkable piece of music that will translate into an amazing live-show.Watch this space…….

Jonathan’s website

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