21.02.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Flickr photographer of the month: Ricardo Banfi

Where do you live?
I’m from Milan, but I have been living in Venice for the last three years.

Where do you study?
In a couple of months I’ll finish my MA in Visual Arts in Venice.

Why photography?
When you speak about photography it’s just a matter of time, memory, archive, aesthetics, kind of vision, subjectivity, intimate moments and so on. It’s a way of dealing with what’s around you, trying to build sincere relations with your subject.

How are you involved with music?
Nowadays I’m working on a project that is documented with photographs, videos, flyers, posters and other objects, my personal experience in the world of clubbing and electronic music. The intent is to analyze the imagery of this music scene, how it changed and what it may become.

What inspires you?
There isn’t a precise source of inspiration. There are many interesting creatives in the whole field of art that push you to experiment different aesthetics. My visual vocabulary includes the snapshot photography you could easily find on the web, the work of artists such as Cyprien Gaillard, Pierre Huyghe or Ryan Trecartin or the one of photographers such as Wolfgang Tillmans and Juergen Teller. I could continue listing so many others.

Anything exciting coming up for you?
A few weeks ago I was selected for a one year residence at Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa in Venice, a very good opportunity to focus on new projects and collaborations.

What music are you listening to at the moment?
I listen to any kind of electronic music, and now mostly to tracks and dj sets from the eighties and nineties because of the research I’m doing about Acid House and clubbing in contemporary art. Have a look to this video , it’s really amazing.

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