05.07.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Flying Lotus-collaborator Lilfuchs inks epic doodles

Lilfuchs was inspired by his older brother, and soon developed skills for “acrobatic eating and drawing.” After a few years he taught himself to illustrate, resulting in a career which “fostered an unbridled sense of stupidness.”

As well as art director at Turner Studios, Lilfuchs has “chased wild scribbles through the badlands of television” inked epic doodles and created mental concoctions. Mostly he’s is a dude-guy who is passionate about music, art and skateboarding,” as he says on his website.

Lilfuch’s video for Flying Lotus – ‘Zodiac Shit’

Flying Lotus – Zodiac Sh*t from lilfuchs on Vimeo.

Lilfuch’s video for Maserati – ‘This is a sight we had one day from the high mountain’

Maserati from lilfuchs on Vimeo.

This video is totally nuts – when I first saw I watched it like 10 times just wondering how this dude did this, and hit all the beats. It’s easily one of my top 10 videos.

Nobody Beats The Drum – Grindin’ from Nobody Beats The Drum on Vimeo.

Mrzyk & Moriceau are also hugely inspirational to me. I love everything they do.


Blu – love this dudes work.

la quiete from blu on Vimeo.

Bruce Bickford, this is a collection of some early work. His effects animation in this is unreal.

Romain Garvas – I really love all this guys work. His ability to be serious, cool, and funny all at the same time is sorta magical.

DJ MEHDI, Signatune from ROMAINGAVRAS on Vimeo.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the beautiful hills of Marietta, GA. There was no shortage of chain restaurants and typical suburban life, but I’m slowly embracing what it had to offer for me as a kid. Most of my teenage years were spent driving my 80’s Malibu through Marietta looking for skate spots while blasting hardcore and bad 90’s emo. Weirdly, I kinda miss those days.

How did you get involved with Illustration?

My older brother got me into drawing when I was super young. I used to draw McFarlane’s Spiderman covers in middle school and would bring them into class. The other kids would get all stoked on it, but they had no idea that I was just ripping something off and doing it very poorly. I used to draw Stussy and skate stickers and would give them out to all my friends. It’s when I got into high school and took a few graphic design classes, that really opened up everything for me. I was making shirts, stickers, posters and sketchbooks. I got so into it that I actually got a job at a screen printing shop. I got burned out quickly with printing t-shirts and realised that I wanted to do something totally different with my art. I had a close friend doing animation at the time and he took me in and taught me the basics. From there I never looked back.

How did your illustration become involved with music?

I’ve always thought of doing things with music. It’s mostly what I think about doing with my art. Kinda stupid I guess, but growing up in a family of musicians and music lovers makes it hard to think about anything else. My first video was for Maserati with a song called “This is a Sight We Had One Day From the High Mountain.” I just recently finished something for Holy Ghost! The Flying Lotus video came about because of a close friend of mine who’s friends with Lotus. He really liked my work and presented the animated video idea to Lotus. They were both totally into it, so I was super stoked!

What music is really inspiring you right now?

I’ve been listening to a lot lately. The new D.R.U.G.S. ep love/lust is really amazing. The new Gang Gang Dance, Jee Day, Fucked Up, Holy Ghost!, Blanck Mass, Young Man, and Washed Out are really great too! I cycle through way to much, but these records and more are ones that really do something for me.

Lilfuchs website

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