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28.07.2016, Words by dummymag

Found Sound: Kieran Loftus

Solidly entertaining the world with his electic SoundCloud tags and giant cups of iced coffee, Kieran Loftus is a key figure in Geng's NY based label PTP, as well as being the only American member in Neana and Riz Freco's crew Gang Fatale.

No stranger to field recording and found sounds, he's utilised samples far and wide in his productions, from streets run-ins on 'Kensington Dance Music 2' track Cot To A Lot, through to the you-never-know-what-is-around-the-corner moments of public transport. One minute the bus is empty, then quick as a shot, there's a guy getting on board with two giant white rabbits. Nobody can ever explain it, but we can definitely all capture the audio madness that comes with it.

Ahead his headline set at Pineal and District's event at HUB16 this Saturday 30th, Kieran sent us a field recording captured during his walk to work last winter. Full of everyday movement, it's what Kieran calls a "real city romance".

Listen below, and find out the story behind Kieran's recording in our interview.


Hey Kieran, how's summer been treating you?

Kieran Loftus: "Summer has been too live. Highlight definitely been having a majority of the Gang here last month. Being the only stateside member is really cool and all but, always wish I could see the crew more often."

Tell us about the field recording you've sent in.

Kieran Loftus: "The field recording is a quick bit of my walk from work to my house last winter. You have a lady cussing someone out on the phone, footsteps in snow, the train passing…real city romance."

What drew you to this particular sample, or recording on the subway?

Kieran Loftus: "Being that my music is very vocal driven, someone cussing someone else out is a hit on this side. The train passing during was an added bonus. I don’t drive so, I’m always either on foot or train. Real problem was narrowing down which one to send you. My voice memo game strong as shit."

What's the weirdest thing you've seen on public transport?

Kieran Loftus: "Jeez.. well, today there was someone was tweaking, and running butt booty naked through the street as I was getting off at my stop. People selling turtles is a favourite. People shooting dope is regular. Guys beating up girls and girls beating up guys. Public transportation in Philly is like a whole 'nother dimension. Shout out all my SEPTA riders one time, much love."

How else have you used found sounds or field recordings in your work?

Kieran Loftus: "Weekly Transpass Boyz is one of my biggest records, sampling the same train during a delay. Cot To A Lot was more of a soundscape, using a run-in with a friend on the street. Youz A Lame intro was a lady wylin’ out on the bus tryna’ fight people. Buy Me Sh!t Or Watch My Sh!t has sounds of me in the corner store paying for whatever it was I bought. The Thank You ad-lib from that has become a new go-to…manners 2016. To be real though, I just be around. I think me recording audio of street happenings and constantly including them in my music is my way of dealing with and processing the things I’ve seen. Turning negatives into positives I suppose. Kensington is hell on earth."

We heard you're heading over the pond to the UK. What do you have planned?

Kieran Loftus: "Aye, if you in London or surrounding areas then slide to HUB16 on July 30th. I’m special guesting for District x Pineal 2. Major shout to those involved, f’real – Steffan, Deji, Samantha, and everyone. I'm mad excited to play in those parts again…meet everyone, spend time with my girl, see old friends, family. Buckfast and all that y’know."

Kieran Loftus plays Pineal x District Pt. II on July 30th at HUB16 (info).

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