G Eo R Gi A Come In EP Artwork
30.07.2014, Words by dummymag

GEoRGiA - 'Come In' EP

GEoRGIA has basically accomplished my life goal: be a member of a super deluxe LDN lady group (JUCE), and have a just as deluxe a solo thing going on too. The two musical endeavors are vastly different, though, with Georgia's solo work proving to be more dynamic and forward-thinking than the more traditionalist (but still endlessly joyful) songs of JUCE.

On her first EP, 'Come In', she captures the same sentiment that Tirzah did on her two EPs. The EP is excellent, with high-tech pots and pans resounding through nearly every track. Hard Lie This is an effortless, off-the-cuff, gurgling spoken word masterstroke with an emotional core; it has the musical and lyrical vivacity and go for brokenness of early M.I.A. The static-y Come In is all capsizing guitar asides (that sound practically The Police-esque) and half-hearted tooting. Digits, with its constant ascend-and-descend, has intimations of Planningtorock’s vocal style. And the already-out-in-the-world Be Ache still sounds maddening with its streaking bolts of fatalism, equally as hard as Kelela’s Enemy.

The true showstopper, though, is its final track, Hard Lie This. Hard Lie This is an effortless, off-the-cuff, gurgling and devilish spoken word master stroke with an emotional core with the musical and lyrical vivacity and go for brokenness of early M.I.A. It’s the track with the most outright personality, bigger than its britches in all the right ways, the reverse of Come In’s idyllic introduction and a sister to Tirzah’s 'No Romance' song Style. GEoRGIA doesn’t go quietly here, and lucky us for that. What if JUCE’s whole first album sounded like this? Already agog. 


Kaya Kaya Records released the 'Come In' EP on July 21st 2014 (buy). GEoRGiA plays her first shows at The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington, London on August 5th and August 12th 2014 (buy tickets).

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