15.04.2009, Words by dummymag

Hey Everyone!

This Glasgow indie six-piece are known for their frenetic live shows. But, like Los Campesinos!, to whom they are often compared, jumping around, shouting excitedly and generally acting like ADHD sufferers who missed their morning Ritalin pill proves less successful when it comes to their debut album. The hoarse vocals and supercharged guitar fuzz on tracks such as Pink Sabbath and 1993 whip by in a blur. Rather than capturing the adrenaline rush of their gigs, it sounds like they wanted to get the session wrapped up before they missed the last bus home. When they do let up on The Great The Symbol And The Hash, which starts with a choppy guitar-driven groove… oh, hang on, no, it suddenly explodes into yet more indie-in-a-hurry. An exhausting listen that quickly becomes exasperating. (5)

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