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25.06.2019, Words by dummymag

How To Make A Drum 'N' Bass Track, according to Point Blank's Kove

During the masterclass, Kove breaks down exactly how he created d&b hit 'Echoes'...

In Point Blank’s most recent masterclass, they were joined by UK drum ‘n’ bass producer Kove to find out how he made his atmospheric d&b track, ‘Echoes’.

Kove has well and truly secured his reputation in the drum ‘n’ bass scene, with his tracks gaining attention from Chase & Status who signed him to their own MTA Records. He’s toured the US with Netsky and 12th Planet and is constantly in high demand for the European festival season, having played at the likes of Hideout, EXIT, Creamfields, Reading and Leeds and more.

His Spotify streams exceed the millions and that’s no surprise due to his emotive, kinetic tracks which keep the genre sounding fresh as ever. With years of experience under his belt, beginning music production roughly ten years ago, Kove is sharing some of the tricks up his sleeve.

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During the track breakdown, Kove, real name James Rockhill, shows exactly how he created the track’s organic-sounding guitar distortion using Logic’s inbuilt pedalboard. He follows this up by demonstrating his go-to techniques for manipulating, stretching and warping audio, which is perfect for an audio-heavy track like ‘Echoes’.

Trying to get your bass and vox to sit comfortably in the mix can sometimes be difficult – but don’t worry, Kove is a master at this and shows exactly how he creates his deep, wide sounding basses and polished vocals using his plugins of choice. The UK producer and DJ also drops some wisdom on how imperfections and mistakes can end up adding character to your tracks.

Watch it now:

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