22.01.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Kilian Eng's drawings are loud

Kilian Eng lives and works in Stockholm and In 2010 graduated from Konstfack, the Stockholm art school, with a Masters in storytelling, graphic design and illustration.

Kilian constructs digital alternative worlds using computerised illustration, yet has a satisfying respect for the powers of pen and paper. His illustrations are rich in colour, of highly detailed landscapes with manga elements, with mythical machines in human form taking part in futuristic spiritual ceremonies. His work has a strange power, presenting a mechanical world that you can connect with, the way Caspar David Frederick transports the audience into the image they observe.

“Much of his inspiration comes from an interest in both classic and futuristic architecture, surrealism, science fiction, theater scenography, different elements and shapes in the nature as well as in the urban landscape.

He has also designed covers for Lazer Sword and Tesla Boy amoung others; Clients include bands like Miami Horror, Tesla Boy, Tokyo Dawn, Parallels, Joystixx, Lazer Sword and many more. DW Design was born when Kilian made a couple of illustrations for the own band DW (original name Darkwoods) which members are Amir Zaino and Kilian himself. When the visuals were presented on their myspace page other musicians and record labels soon started to get in touch asking about the illustrations, wondering if it was possible to have something done for them. It became clear that there was an interest in the work and from that it went on to be DW Design, separated from the band DW.”

DW Design –

DW Design Clip from Kilian Eng on Vimeo.


The music video is made for Parallels’ remix of Raised By Wolves by The Cansecos.

Parallels Raised By Wolves Remix By Kilian Eng DW Design from Kilian Eng on Vimeo.


Object 5: Works by Kilian Eng, currently being printed

OBJECT 5 PRINTING from Kilian Eng on Vimeo.


Have a browse through the gallery or view his vast portfolio here

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