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21.06.2014, Words by dummymag

Introducing the artists on 'Dummy: 21st Century Pop Music 2014'

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Released this week, 'Dummy: 21st Century Pop Music 2014' is a brand new compilation released by Dummy Records that cherry-picks the most thrilling, endearing experimental pop in our world right now. 

Definitively putting a tag on pop music is – and always has been – a fairly insurmountable task, but in 2014, pop has the possibility to make the web connections, pile on the reference points and utilise technology to push personal boundaries and take risks like never before. The fifteen tracks that make up the compilation are testament to this: ranging from John Wizards' junkshop of South African sounds, the luscious energies of club producers Mokadem and E.m.m.a, and a couple of should-be anthems courtesy of Real Lies and Tirzah (the latter in re-jiggled remix form). Without really wanting to overthink it, these sounds make us confident there's still exciting pop to be heard all over right now: the type of which deserves pride of place in your record collection. 

We thought it was only right and proper to introduce all the artists we're repping on the compilation, so leaf through this guide to get fully acquainted with the figures behind 'Dummy: 21st Century Pop Music 2014'. 

Dummy Records released 'Dummy: 21st Century Pop Music 2014' on June 23rd 2014, on digital (buy) and double-vinyl (buy). 

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