08.08.2011, Words by dummymag

Kieran Hebden B2B James Holden

Kieran Hebden and James Holden were on time, and carried the techno flag on after Erol Alkan’s realm. Hebden and Holden diehards filled up more than half of the tent, and were already jumping around once the duo started their B2B set. But a small amount of people were visibly killing time in the sheltered space, mainly because they did not want to get soaked. The duo reclaimed this energy fast enough, kicking off their set with Four Tet and Daphne’s (aka Caribou) Ye Ye. It blasted the soundsystem and immediately drew an excited reaction from the relatively tame audience (especially those standing at the back). The music became noticeably darker but they managed to maintain a dancefloor-friendly vibe throughout the entire performance. Overall, Kieran Hebden and James Holden’s B2B set had an energetic quality from start to finish. There was rarely a moment where, in their shadow, audience wished to stop dancing and bouncing about.

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