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Lace Curtain - Running

Lace Curtain first came to our attention through an excellent track called Good Intentions that was put out by the folks at DFA Records. They’ve since shifted homes to Mexican Summer and are growing into a very interesting proposition indeed. Taking cues from post-punk, minimal synth and synth pop and updating it with modern touches from house, techno and ADULT.-esque electro, the Australian trio have followed up Good Intentions with their ‘Falling/Running’ EP, a four-track affair that contains two separate versions of each of its title tracks. We’re premiering the Running side of that EP today – stream the track and check our short Q&A with the band’s Mikey Young below.

Hello Lace Curtain. How are you guys doing?
I’m doing great. James and David are on tour in Europe and from the few reports I have, they are doing alternately great and not so great.

Imagine you are stuck in an elevator with every single Dummy reader and you’re having to make small talk. How would you pitch/describe yourselves to them?
An honest attempt at writing real people’s music, the kind that is on commercial radio or is pumping out of the gym, but failing miserably as none of us listen to the radio anymore and none of us ever go to the gym, nor do we have the skill to achieve such music. Luckily, our failings are probably more interesting than our successes would be.

How and where do you make your music?
In my house, in my spare bedroom , with aid of guitars, synths, small gadgets and a computer. Though for this EP, some was made in my friend Daniela’s lounge room while house and cat sitting and also in my mum’s spare bedroom while houseless. David and James do their bits in their houses and the internet brings them all together.

Please can you tell us everything you can about your new EP in no more than three sentences.
Falling I was made by David alone. He asked me to do a remix of it which became Falling II. We formed a band.

What’s next?
Another EP, then something else, then maybe a show if we can ever turn into a real thing.

Mexican Summer released ‘Falling/Running’ on 14th June.

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