01.07.2011, Words by Zara Wladawsky

Live broadcast: Laurel Halo live at Lanzarote, London

Brooklyn musician Laurel Halo makes smart and radical electronic music. Her set at our SXSW party was one of the best of the fest, so we decided to record the first show of her recent tour, when she played Electrowerkz in north London.

Her music when pressed onto vinyl, as on last year’s ‘King Felix’ or last week’s ‘Hour Logic’, tends toward tesseract-y complexity. Live, however, it breathes free and moves not at the pace of information through the vast active living intelligence system on which we spend our days but the pace of information through the brain, filled with imaginative jumps and jutting phrases, tough thoughts said tenderly.

The night of this recording she played her synthesiser bathed in purple light. Be transported back by hitting the play button above.

Hippos In Tanks released ‘Hour Logic’ on 21st June 2011

Buy Laurel Halo ‘Hour Logic’ EP

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