05.05.2010, Words by Charlie Jones

Lazyitis #1: Active Child

1. The First 48
Possibly the best show on TV right now, on one of the best channels, A&E. This reality show takes an in depth look at the first 48 hours after a homicide. And since I am a big fan of murder mysteries, I have recently become addicted to this show.  The most interesting part of the show to me is that the majority of the time the murder, the murderer, and the motive for the murder are all very simple. The reality of most homicides is shockingly plain. For example, the show starts and a call comes in saying a man has been shot.  Police and detectives show up, investigate the scene, interview witnesses, and usually within 48 hours the have a solid witness who ends up confessing to the murder, saying something like ‘he disrespected my woman’ or ‘it was an accident’.  What’s sad is that the repercussions of the murder are very complicated.  They spread out touching anyone who is involved with the victim and suspects, usually leaving me, the viewer, on the verge of tears.

Exclusive! The First 48: 7 Hours Remaining in Kansas City from AETVTheFirst48 on Vimeo.

2. The Soup
Now to lighten the mood, one of my favorite late night shows The Soup. This show has been around for years and I’m not sure they have it in the UK, but it is fucking hilarious. Every week the show pulls clips from all the reality show bullshit and celebrity gossip around the US and mashes it into a half hour of pure greatness. Check out this clip for a taste

3.  Antiques Roadshow
Nothing better than a nice evening with a cup of tea, a comfy blanket, and a solid hour of guessing the worth of random antiques.  No matter how boring the person or the object being appraised you always learn something new.  Plus peoples reactions to the appraisals are priceless. I recently saw a collection of jade sculptures appraised at more than a million dollars, after which the owner simply shrugged and smiled saying, ‘I think I’ll keep them’. Yet another great reason to scream at your television.

Antiques Roadshow from john obrien on Vimeo.

4. Breakout
Have you ever watched ‘Escape from Alcatraz’ and thought man I wonder if Frank Morris and the other guys survived…? Well dream no more because this show reveals one escape after another in detail. Showing you that its not that hard to breakout. The real test is disappearing once you’re out.  Now, given none of these guys are escaping from Alcatraz, but its still pretty fun to watch.  There’s something strangely heroic about escaping from a prison cell that makes you root for the murderer instead of the police.

5. Cash Cab
I love New York City and I love random trivia. And although I prefer subway to cab, I would be more than willing to switch modes of transportation if it meant giving me a chance at winning cash money in the cash cab.  This game show takes place in one mans taxi cab and either drops you at your destination with a load of cash or drops you on your ass somewhere out by Coney Island. I’ve never wanted to be on a game show more than this one, other than The Price is Right of course.

Cash Cab_Montage from Taejin Kim on Vimeo.


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