04.05.2010, Words by Charlie Jones


Argh!!! EROL, BOYS NOIZE, Phantasy Records, New – AMAZING! All of these in one delicious package? I am finding it hard to contain myself. In fact, my senses are exhausted. And this is just from looking at pictures of the vinyl on Phonica. I haven’t even pressed play yet.

I would happily spend $200 and be spat out into a ditch on the side of the New Jersey Turnpike for 15 minutes inside the mind of Erol Alkan. To see his vinyl collection. A man you surely don’t want pitted against you in the music round of the pub quiz. Everything he touches turns to gold. From DJ sets under his many monikers to album and record production to radio shows to mixtapes to forums to clubnights. The man defines forward-thinking dance music culture.

‘Lemonade/Avalanche’ sees Erol teaming up once again with Alexander Ridha AKA Boys Noize for their second official release. The last one was Waves – a slightly forgettable ElectroTech meltdown more influenced by the Ridha side of the partnership, released on Boys Noize Records. This time the favour is returned and it gets an airing on Erol’s Phantasy Records label.

Lemonade is a balls-out, big-room electro track. Grimy acidic synths and basslines hit full on from the off. Trademark compressed drums drive the energy while pitch-shifted staccato vocal pops and lush chord stabs take you from the soda-pop breakdown through to the curtain call. Works a treat on the dance floor.

Other side Avalanche in comparison is psychedelic and mind bending. Mixing Boys Noize’s squelchyness, Erol’s intoxicatingly patterned production and blissful reverberated soundscapes, Avalanche will engulf you.

You couldn’t be any more at the top of your game than these two. Stand up. Admire. Dance. Enjoy.


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