28.12.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Make your own electronic musical instrument

Technology Will Save Us and Bare Conductive paints have teamed up to help you make some experimental electronic noises.

Technology Will Save Us are a collective that provide classes teaching people how to make their own speakers, lighting installations and musical instruments. They exist to “educate and enable people to make and experiment creatively with technology” and describe it as a “haberdashery for technology and alternative education space dedicated to helping people to produce and not just consume technology.”

One of things you can make is a Lumiphone, a musical device from a DIY kit that comes with a custom designed circuit board and all of the components you need.

How to make a Lumiphone:

Here’s what Tom Lee of Sine of the Times had to say about TWSU’s workshop at Rough Trade East: Technology Will Save Us have come up with a super fun way of introducing electronics to people of any background, from geeks like me to technophobes they explain how things work without talking down to or alienating you. Plus what could be cooler than your own light operated theramin!

Bare Conductive is a design team focused on the development of a range of nontoxic, electrically conductive materials. This year Bare launched its first two products, Bare Skin and Bare Paint. Both products act as a conduit for electrical signals to run across a variety of surfaces. Their philosophy stems from a “common love of experimentation and exploration.”

How Bare Conductive paint works with the Lumiphone:

You can buy the paint on the Bare Conductive wesbite or at Rough Trade East. And you can see more videos of previous workshops over on the Technology Will Save Us website.

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