10.08.2011, Words by Charlie Jones


Dance tents at festivals are a curious thing, especially in the middle of the daytime. Trying to channel basement club vibes in an open, sunlit arena filled with still-sober punters requires a different approach: half the usual tracks, half crowd-pleasers. Thankfully, Roska’s early-afternoon set in the Bugged Out tent has the measure of its crowd from the off, balancing the Rinse FM DJ’s trademark funky tribalism with the more mainstream likes of Katy B and Zinc and a cut-up, throbbing edit of Robyn’s ‘Show Me Luv’.

The occasions where two-step beats make way for a thick dubstep bassline are naturally those that garner the best response, proving that no amount of offshoot ‘post-dubstep‘ minigenres can match the sheer thrill of their forebear’s chest-crushing bass, yet Roska’s set has its highlights in the same areas as those of his 2010 album – booty-shaking, high-octane funk drum samples, smothered liberally with vocal snatches. Thrilling and exciting and, most of all, great fun.

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