24.10.2011, Words by Ruth Saxelby


Crouched down on stage, Brooklyn-based producer Slava leans over two electronic panels with dozens of lights and knobs. He teases out of them waves of jittery, spacey sound, carving out a Blade Runner-esque landscape full of weird, machine-like small mammals. The pace picks up a little as he introduces the clicks and off-time whirls of footwork rhythms. Then he swaps Chicago for London with a flick to throw down some carnival-rinsed UK bass attitude. A little later a vocal sample repeats “I’ve got feelings too” over and over, building a dense low pressure that he sustains for the rest of the set – a perfect, trippy comedown to end our off-CMJ party with Software and NNA Tapes. Look out London, this guy might just end up owning things.

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