18.03.2012, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Spaceghostpurrp at SXSW 2012

While secret guest Rick Ross and his entourage apparently drove their limos into the VIP area of the Fader Fort to play last night, a couple of blocks away Miami rapper Spaceghostpurrp was making an altogether different but no less whoah entrance at the Ad Hoc and True Panther party at Cheer Up Charlie’s. The half hour preceding had been notable for the number of tense looking music industry people dashing about. Was he coming? Is it happening? And then all of a sudden there he was, almost. With the lights off on stage and dressed in all black, the ‘God of Black’ mixtape maker was a shadowy force against the night sky. “How many of you came to feel the funk tonight?” he asked the crowd. “Real Miami funk.” And then a moment later: “Put your hands up if you play Mortal Kombat.” The latter being a reference to the samples and dark vibe of the game that stalks his music. Bouncing with a handful of crew on stage, he performed just three shady funk tracks, including intimidation machine Get Your Head Bust before thanking the crowd and jumping in a car to Dallas. He was probably in the venue less than 20 minutes tops but he made every one of them count.

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